Ain't no sunshine when he's gone

No hay sol cuando el se va
Serie: Distilleries
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 50 x 40 cm
Year: 2024

Inspired by a photograph by @lindoresabbeydistillery

Lindores Abbey was a Tironan abbey outside Newburgh in Fife, Scotland.
The earliest record of Scotch whiskey in the exchequer from 1494 is a payment from King James IV to Friar John Cor of Lindores Abbey for approximately "eight balls of malt" or 580kg of aquavitae as it was then known.
Brother John Cor (Johanni Cor/John Kawe) was a Tironan monk who lived in Lindores Abbey.
The monks distilled rose water at the Abbey, and in May 1540 rose water and Lindores apples were sent to James V.
Now a reduced ruin, it stands on the south bank of the River Tay, approx. 1 mile north of the village of Lindores and is a scheduled ancient monument.