Collective exhibition in which I exhibited my works "A walk through the sleeping shadows", "A mystical dream" and "Soul of fire" belonging to the Series "The Macallan Story".

Nayart Espacio de Arte
Thames 1844, Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 18, 2021



Bye. Goodbye.
Let go. Break off. Let go
Empty. Make room. Let the new come in.
Give the last brushstroke. Cover the bins. Close the knobs. Put away the pencils. Wash the brushes.
Sort the workshop. Empty the mind, and let it fill with other ideas, other forms, other colors, other dreams.
Look back. The last work rests on the easel. In the air, the smell of turpentine still stirs.
The heart clings to the lost. The mind looks beyond.
Look. Look with your eyes closed. Stretch out your hand. Feel the sun at your fingertips.
Feel the light tearing apart the darkness. Dance.
Dance as if it were the last time.

Walk. Retrace old roads. Rescue the beauty.
Dialogue with the Masters. Soak up their wisdom, their advice, their actions.
Feeding the soul. With its light, its shadow, its color.
Reaffirm concepts. Question truths. Rethink lies.

To love. Unloving and loving again.
Prolonging being, succeeding blood.
Being wind, being a river, being air, being a path.
Being a flower, being a tree, being a seed.
Crying . Be a drop of salt, and cry.

Plant. Sow the future with hope.
Doubt. Doubting the doubt and the perhaps, the possible and the impossible.
Doubting and not looking back.
Painting, fighting against oblivion.
Painting , dispelling mists and ghosts.
Painting until the eyes and back hurt.
Until the hands bleed
Until your self appears in the new canvas.

Dario Zilbersztein
October 2021