Terra: Muestra Colectiva Internacional de Artes Visuales

Terra: International Collective Exhibition of Visual Arts

A small summary of what was TERRA, Art Exhibition, last Saturday May 20 in Buenos Aires, where I exhibit one of my works from the Renacer in Epecuén Series, together with other great artists who provide his tribute to this beautiful planet.

Thanks to all the friends who came to accompany me in this beautiful moment, to the organizers of the event, especially @dzilbersztein and to all the artists who participated in this meeting full of art and life.


 Artwork exhibited:

A kind of magic
Series: Reborn in Epecuén
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 90 x 90 cm
Year: 2018


Una especie de magia Gisela García Gleria



Laboratorio de Arte de Vivi Berthet.
Av. Mosconi 4200, Buenos Aires, Argentina

20 May 2023

365 Muestra colectiva de artes visuales

365 Group exhibition of visual arts

May art and love always be the meeting place for souls.
Thank you all for making a place in your hearts to receive my art, thanks to friends and those who still defend the joy of creating.
End of the 365 Exhibition inBarolo's Palace Basements.



Artwork exhibited:

Cathedrals I
Serie: Out of Series
Técnica: Oleo sobre tela
Medidas: 80 x 120 cm
Year: 2003


Interior of the Cathedral of Chartres and "The Cathedral" (sculpture by Auguste Rodin)

Nuestra-Señora de Chartres, edificio gótico del siglo XII, fue construido inmediatamente después del incendio que asoló la catedral románica del siglo XI. Esta catedral se encuentra en la ciudad de Chartres, en el centro oeste de Francia.
The interior is beautiful, especially when the day is bright. When advancing through the central nave one experiences an immense enjoyment of beauty, and as one approaches the transept, one feels how the measures of the temple and the games of perspectives evolve. This image of ascension in aesthetic and spiritual enjoyment is enhanced by the unevenness of the ground itself, increasing in altitude up to the head. This cathedral, like many others, was drawn by Auguste Rodin in his travel notebooks.
In 1914 his book "Cathedrals of France" was published with almost 2000 illustrations by this great artist.
Auguste Rodin (París 1840-1917), realizó en piedra la escultura que llamó “La Catedral” evocando las ojivas de una catedral gótica. Son dos manos derechas que no pertenecen a la misma persona. Una de ellas es más vigorosa, más alta y fuerte y está en actitud protectora; es masculina. La otra mano, más tierna y recogida, más delicada, es femenina. El gesto es de acercamiento afectivo, de comunión interpersonal, de oración, y se encuentran en un nivel superior.
These hands rest one against the other, slightly curved and united in the center of the kind of vault that they form at the top, where the fingers evoke the ribs of the arches, pointing towards a higher center of confluence.
It is the architectural principle of the Gothic cathedral: the building supporting itself by the mutual support of the parties, which rise together, like the hands of "The Cathedral".



Bajos del Barolo
Av. de Mayo 1370, Buenos Aires, Argentina

From December 3 to 7, 2022

Pintar + Iconos

Paint + Icons

PINTAR+ICONOS is a virtual exhibition and international art contest.
The guideline is the reinterpretation of a famous painting with one's own style, the use of a famous painter's style for one's own work current or a mixture of both options, with theme, technique and free style; organized by the plastic artist Ezequiel Orue.

The Artist GISELA GARCÍA-GLERIA (Argentina / Ig @ giselagarciagleria) presents us her Work «Cathedrals I«, from the Large Format Series», where using the artistic language of Peteer Neefs; plus the image of the sculpture «The Cathedral» by August Rodin.
Neefs was a Flemish Baroque painter, specialized in painting interiors of Cathedrals, and Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor, considered the father of modern sculpture.

Gisela herself tells us about her experience in PAINTING + ICONS:
«Pieter Neefs the Elder was a Flemish painter, his work dates from the first half of the s. XVII, specialist in interior architecture. His most frequent subject is the interior of churches and cathedrals, depicting both existing churches and imagined churches.
Many of Neefs's paintings were inspired by Antwerp Cathedral.
“The Cathedral”, previously known as “The Arch of the Alliance”, is a sculpture by the French artist Auguste Rodin, conceived in 1908. It shows two right hands belonging to two different figures, one with masculine characteristics and a female one, placed in such a way that they seem about to intertwine.
In my work I sought to capture this analogy, using the imposing and luminous interior of Chartres Cathedral as a background image, taking inspiration from the painting of the Interior of the Church of Saint Joris in Antwerp by Neefs, the viewer's gaze is placed in a perspective that directs towards the large rose window and, in an intentional transparency and levitation, a vision of the hands the sculpture by Rodin, slightly curved, joined at the ce Inside as a kind of vault, where the fingers evoke the ribs of the arches, pointing towards a superior center of confluence».



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Chau 2021

Bye 2021

Collective exhibition in which I exhibited my works "A walk through the sleeping shadows", "A mystical dream" and "Soul of fire" belonging to the Series "The Macallan Story".

Nayart Espacio de Arte
Thames 1844, Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 18, 2021



Bye. Goodbye.
Let go. Break off. Let go
Empty. Make room. Let the new come in.
Give the last brushstroke. Cover the bins. Close the knobs. Put away the pencils. Wash the brushes.
Sort the workshop. Empty the mind, and let it fill with other ideas, other forms, other colors, other dreams.
Look back. The last work rests on the easel. In the air, the smell of turpentine still stirs.
The heart clings to the lost. The mind looks beyond.
Look. Look with your eyes closed. Stretch out your hand. Feel the sun at your fingertips.
Feel the light tearing apart the darkness. Dance.
Dance as if it were the last time.

Walk. Retrace old roads. Rescue the beauty.
Dialogue with the Masters. Soak up their wisdom, their advice, their actions.
Feeding the soul. With its light, its shadow, its color.
Reaffirm concepts. Question truths. Rethink lies.

To love. Unloving and loving again.
Prolonging being, succeeding blood.
Being wind, being a river, being air, being a path.
Being a flower, being a tree, being a seed.
Crying . Be a drop of salt, and cry.

Plant. Sow the future with hope.
Doubt. Doubting the doubt and the perhaps, the possible and the impossible.
Doubting and not looking back.
Painting, fighting against oblivion.
Painting , dispelling mists and ghosts.
Painting until the eyes and back hurt.
Until the hands bleed
Until your self appears in the new canvas.

Dario Zilbersztein
October 2021

Del amor y otras pandemias

About love and other pandemics

In the context of the global pandemic by COVID -19 and preventive social isolation, the only way to continue enjoying art exhibitions turned out to be virtuality.

Initiative, curatorship and production of the Argentine plastic artist Darío Zilberstein, in collaboration with Paula Orlando, the «About love and other pandemics» call brought together 57 artists who share our art in a virtual space, showing our productions most recent produced in quarantine.

This exhibition was born from our need to share our expressions through our works, resignifying a virtual space of art that gives the exhibition a framework of belonging through montage.

The exhibition is set in a digital reconstruction of a new space, where I share the virtual space with excellent artists, artists that I value and admire for their artistic quality and for their warmth as people.

My work «The Hug» (5:33 ′) is a representation of the intimate connection between two beings, two souls, two identities that are shared in a conjunction of feelings.

An artistic expression that describes the sensitivity of a moment of peace, the one we long for, the one that purifies the spirit and rests, for a small fraction of time, that lasts forever in the memory.


Virtual Group Exhibition of Visual Arts
Opening Saturday 19/12 / 2020 at 7:00 p.m. on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram


Oktober Under Art

Oktober Under Art

Virtual Collective Exhibition of Visual Arts with the participation of 54 artists and with the curatorship and organization of Darío Zilberstein.

My exhibited artworks:

  • Raasay Distillery
  • Aultmore Distillery
  • Ardnahoe Stills Room


Reflections by Paula Orlando and Darío Zilberstein about art and artists.


Art is born from our pupil inward, it is subjective perception.

Art is the vehicle that allows us to express what cannot be put into words. Art appeals to our emotions and connects with us on a deep level.

Painting is a state of being, every good artist paints what he is.

No great artist sees things as they really are, if he did he would cease to be an artist.

Art doesn't have to be pretty, but it does have to be meaningful.

We might think, what is art for? Art gives hope to life, beauty is important because this generates hope. Art makes us less lonely, makes visible the pain that one carries inside, serves as consolation and identifies us.

Art is the transmission of the sensations of what the artist has experienced throughout his life. You don't just take a picture with a camera, and you don't just paint a picture with a brush. Behind the act of creation are all the images you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have listened to, the people you have loved.

The beauty of a work of art is closely linked to its ability to stimulate our emotions.

The role of the artist is to ask questions, not necessarily answer them.

Art is only for those who are willing to put forth the effort necessary to understand it.


Virtual Collective Exhibition of Visual Arts
Opening Saturday 10/29 / 2020 at 7:00 p.m. on Facebook and Instagram