365 Muestra colectiva de artes visuales

365 Group exhibition of visual arts

May art and love always be the meeting place for souls.
Thank you all for making a place in your hearts to receive my art, thanks to friends and those who still defend the joy of creating.
End of the 365 Exhibition inBarolo's Palace Basements.



Obra expuesta:

Cathedrals I
Serie: Out of Series
Técnica: Oleo sobre tela
Medidas: 80 x 120 cm
Year: 2003


Interior of the Cathedral of Chartres and "The Cathedral" (sculpture by Auguste Rodin)

Nuestra-Señora de Chartres, edificio gótico del siglo XII, fue construido inmediatamente después del incendio que asoló la catedral románica del siglo XI. Esta catedral se encuentra en la ciudad de Chartres, en el centro oeste de Francia.
The interior is beautiful, especially when the day is bright. When advancing through the central nave one experiences an immense enjoyment of beauty, and as one approaches the transept, one feels how the measures of the temple and the games of perspectives evolve. This image of ascension in aesthetic and spiritual enjoyment is enhanced by the unevenness of the ground itself, increasing in altitude up to the head. This cathedral, like many others, was drawn by Auguste Rodin in his travel notebooks.
In 1914 his book "Cathedrals of France" was published with almost 2000 illustrations by this great artist.
Auguste Rodin (París 1840-1917), realizó en piedra la escultura que llamó “La Catedral” evocando las ojivas de una catedral gótica. Son dos manos derechas que no pertenecen a la misma persona. Una de ellas es más vigorosa, más alta y fuerte y está en actitud protectora; es masculina. La otra mano, más tierna y recogida, más delicada, es femenina. El gesto es de acercamiento afectivo, de comunión interpersonal, de oración, y se encuentran en un nivel superior.
These hands rest one against the other, slightly curved and united in the center of the kind of vault that they form at the top, where the fingers evoke the ribs of the arches, pointing towards a higher center of confluence.
It is the architectural principle of the Gothic cathedral: the building supporting itself by the mutual support of the parties, which rise together, like the hands of "The Cathedral".



Bajos del Barolo
Av. de Mayo 1370, Buenos Aires, Argentina

From December 3 to 7, 2022

Los colores de mi mar

The colors of my sea

Invited by the Casa de Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, the plastic artist Gisela Garcia Gleria develops the visual arts exhibition “The colors of my sea”.

His paintings of vibrant colors show marine landscapes of the City of Mar del Plata and the coasts of Scotland, unifying in his curatorship images that transport, in their still movement, the saline aromas charged with emotion and depth.

«El mar, en su inmensidad misteriosa, se traduce en pequeñas porciones de tela y color, dejando al espectador la tarea de experimentar con el poder de la evocación, aquellos recuerdos cargados de viento, sal, arena, iodo, luz y emociones.
El mar, en su profundidad inalcanzable, se vuelve silencioso vaivén en el alma, desgranando sonidos lejanos que olvido jamás podrá borrar, aún en las arenas húmedas de la memoria que besa el tiempo».


Paintings in this exhibition:

  • Mar del Plata sunset
  • Sunrise in "The Happy"
  • Battling the waves
  • Home
  • Lagavulin Bay Morning
  • Night falling on Sanaig
  • Sunset at Machir Bay
  • A journey to delightful
  • Prelude in G
  • The true power
  • Nature boy
  • Islay, Spirit of Ardbeg
  • A diferent view



Mar del Plata House
250 San Juan Av. , Buenos Aires, Argentina

From November 8 to December 15, 2022

Experiencia Saurus

Saurus Experience

Last Thursday, October 13, I was invited to be part with my art of a special tasting night of the Saurus Wines, Bodega Familia Schroeder, at the Bankedo Plaza Restaurant, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo.

After the presentation of the best host Félix, we happily enjoyed all the delicious gastronomic creations of this spectacular restaurant in Buenos Aires, perfectly paired with the richest wines.

To close the beautiful evening, after an incredible meal and some very rich wines, we had the pleasure of trying the delicate sweets of Mamul de Ceci.

My painting “Where magic is color”, inspired by Saurus Rosé Wine, was my artistic contribution for this adventure.

Thanks for this great experience!



Bankedo Plaza Restaurante
Av. Medrano 1906, Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 13, 2022

Pintar + Iconos

Paint + Icons

PINTAR+ICONOS is a virtual exhibition and international art contest.
The guideline is the reinterpretation of a famous painting with one's own style, the use of a famous painter's style for one's own work current or a mixture of both options, with theme, technique and free style; organized by the plastic artist Ezequiel Orue.

The Artist GISELA GARCÍA-GLERIA (Argentina / Ig @ giselagarciagleria) presents us her Work «Cathedrals I«, from the Large Format Series», where using the artistic language of Peteer Neefs; plus the image of the sculpture «The Cathedral» by August Rodin.
Neefs was a Flemish Baroque painter, specialized in painting interiors of Cathedrals, and Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor, considered the father of modern sculpture.

Gisela herself tells us about her experience in PAINTING + ICONS:
«Pieter Neefs the Elder was a Flemish painter, his work dates from the first half of the s. XVII, specialist in interior architecture. His most frequent subject is the interior of churches and cathedrals, depicting both existing churches and imagined churches.
Many of Neefs's paintings were inspired by Antwerp Cathedral.
“The Cathedral”, previously known as “The Arch of the Alliance”, is a sculpture by the French artist Auguste Rodin, conceived in 1908. It shows two right hands belonging to two different figures, one with masculine characteristics and a female one, placed in such a way that they seem about to intertwine.
In my work I sought to capture this analogy, using the imposing and luminous interior of Chartres Cathedral as a background image, taking inspiration from the painting of the Interior of the Church of Saint Joris in Antwerp by Neefs, the viewer's gaze is placed in a perspective that directs towards the large rose window and, in an intentional transparency and levitation, a vision of the hands the sculpture by Rodin, slightly curved, joined at the ce Inside as a kind of vault, where the fingers evoke the ribs of the arches, pointing towards a superior center of confluence».



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El arte celebra el whisky

Art celebrates whisky

Opening on World Whisky Day 2022, this exhibition features paintings by me dedicated to the world of whiskey and digital artwork by Guest Artist John Robertson (Scotland).

The exhibition was held at the Buenos Aires Whisky Museum, an English-style mansion in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood, where the first and only Argentine Keeper of the Quaich, Miguel Ángel Reigosa, keeps his personal collection of more than 4,000 bottles of whisky, the largest private collection in the world today.

World Whisky Day was created in 2012 by Blair Bowman, as a global celebration that invites everyone to enjoy the "water of life" and this year, from Buenos Aires city, the celebration was framed with works of art that also celebrate this spirit drink, its makers and production processes, from the creative vision of two artists with personal and distinctive imprints, like each of the whiskeys they honor.


Whisky Museum of Buenos Aires
3982 Monroe Av. , Buenos Aires, Argentina

From May 21 to 28, 2022