Last Friday, June 30, I had the opportunity to participate in a very special event, accompanying with three of my paintings the presentation in Argentina of two expressions of the Taiwanese Kavalan whiskey at the Whiskey Museum in Buenos Aires.

Invited by Miguel Ángel Reigosa, my paintings were the introductory framework for the interesting tasting of Kavalan N°1, the Concertmaster Sherry Cask and the Concertmaster Port Cask, with the guidance of Yoel Guldin, representative of Tibex in Argentina, enjoying the presence of Mrs. Ambassador of Taiwan Florencia Miao-hung Hsie and representatives of the Taipei Commercial and Cultural Office in Buenos Aires.

Thanks to ABC Mundial Web and Karina Giorgenello for the beautiful interview.



My exhibited artworks:

The Kavalan Stills
Serie: Distilleries
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 50 x 60 cm
Year: 2023

Los alambiques de Kavalan


The Kavalan Spring
Serie: Whisky World
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 40 x 40 cm
Year: 2023

La primavera de Kavalan


Kavalan Cask Strength
Serie: Whisky World
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 40 x 40 cm
Year: 2023

La fuerza de la barrica de Kavalan

Whisky Museum of Buenos Aires
3982 Monroe Av. , Buenos Aires, Argentina

30 de junio de 2023


Los colores de mi mar

The colors of my sea

Invited by the Casa de Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, the plastic artist Gisela Garcia Gleria develops the visual arts exhibition “The colors of my sea”.

His paintings of vibrant colors show marine landscapes of the City of Mar del Plata and the coasts of Scotland, unifying in his curatorship images that transport, in their still movement, the saline aromas charged with emotion and depth.

«El mar, en su inmensidad misteriosa, se traduce en pequeñas porciones de tela y color, dejando al espectador la tarea de experimentar con el poder de la evocación, aquellos recuerdos cargados de viento, sal, arena, iodo, luz y emociones.
El mar, en su profundidad inalcanzable, se vuelve silencioso vaivén en el alma, desgranando sonidos lejanos que olvido jamás podrá borrar, aún en las arenas húmedas de la memoria que besa el tiempo».


Paintings in this exhibition:

  • Mar del Plata sunset
  • Sunrise in "The Happy"
  • Battling the waves
  • Home
  • Lagavulin Bay Morning
  • Night falling on Sanaig
  • Sunset at Machir Bay
  • A journey to delightful
  • Prelude in G
  • The true power
  • Nature boy
  • Islay, Spirit of Ardbeg
  • A diferent view



Mar del Plata House
250 San Juan Av. , Buenos Aires, Argentina

From November 8 to December 15, 2022

El arte celebra el whisky

Art celebrates whisky

Opening on World Whisky Day 2022, this exhibition features paintings by me dedicated to the world of whiskey and digital artwork by Guest Artist John Robertson (Scotland).

The exhibition was held at the Buenos Aires Whisky Museum, an English-style mansion in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood, where the first and only Argentine Keeper of the Quaich, Miguel Ángel Reigosa, keeps his personal collection of more than 4,000 bottles of whisky, the largest private collection in the world today.

World Whisky Day was created in 2012 by Blair Bowman, as a global celebration that invites everyone to enjoy the "water of life" and this year, from Buenos Aires city, the celebration was framed with works of art that also celebrate this spirit drink, its makers and production processes, from the creative vision of two artists with personal and distinctive imprints, like each of the whiskeys they honor.


Whisky Museum of Buenos Aires
3982 Monroe Av. , Buenos Aires, Argentina

From May 21 to 28, 2022

Espíritu Libre

Free Spirit

Why do I paint wines and whiskeys?

I am passionate, passions have been an engine in my life to grow since I can remember.

From a very young age I knew that connecting with my inner voice was the way I wanted to live.

This way of perceiving reality from the consciousness of each moment, led me to discover that I can interpret my sensations through art, be it music, painting or writing, and that these interpretations can encompass very different and even distant worlds. in the sensory.

Years ago I was interested in the world of wine and whiskey, learning to taste them in a conscious way, and it soon came to my mind to transform what I was testing into paintings, according to my own vision and sensitive experience.


The origin of a dream


In 2019 I began to paint some photos of the wineries that I had visited in Mendoza the previous year, and while I was painting, I suddenly realized that when I tasted a wine or a whiskey, my mind took me to specific places and times.

I decided then to bring to the canvas those images that accompanied my perception, organizing the paintings into two series that I was making simultaneously.

The series, «Free Spirit» and « Wines and Vineyards» , were thus formed

The first celebrates the long tradition in the art of whiskey making that has led Scotland to an unsurpassed place in the noble distillate of malt and grain industry.

The second pays tribute to the great Argentine winemaking career, the art of making wines that reflect the terroirs, the connection of man with his universe and the search for excellence.

My artistic vision focuses on the integration of the human being with nature, recreating figurative and abstract landscapes, as a representation of the spirit of each drink.


Translate sensations into images


In a kind of synaesthetic perception, the aromas, flavors and textures tasted, are translated into landscapes, contours, colors and light games, interpreting in each work a synchresis of images, associated by their own subjectivity, that highlight the character and personality of each of the distillates, varietals and cuts represented.

My individual exhibition «Free Spirit» held at the Casa de la Cultura in Buenos Aires, unites the two series of paintings, displaying 64 works in the first basement room of this historic building.

This exhibition was part of «The Night of the Museums 2019» , with an estimated number of visitors of 6,000 people.

Its inauguration was attended by the Malandra Winery, originally from Mendoza, who offered a tasting of 3 of their wines, which I also interpreted in my paintings.

In this way, the attendees were able to experience the colors, aromas and flavors of the wines while observing the works that paid homage to them, which gave them a new perspective from which to analyze their organoleptic properties, beyond artistic enjoyment.

Currently I continue to create on these topics, but I have decided to expand my palette to add artistic interpretations of distillates and wines from other parts of the world.

I am preparing the next individual exhibitions, which this year will be entirely dedicated to each theme separately.


Casa de la Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, participante de La Noche de los Museos 2019
Av. de Mayo 571, Buenos Aires, Argentina

From October 30 to November 7, 2019

Renacer en Epecuén

Reborn in Epecuen

Since 2018 I have made a wide production of paintings related to Villa Epecuén and its unique landscapes.

Epecuén is a town in the Province of Buenos Aires, which from its ruins displays a unique and overwhelming beauty.

It is recognized for its sunsets that illuminate the lagoon with a unique poetry, detached from the fragments of its history.

In 1985, Villa Epecuén, located in the Adolfo Alsina district in the Province of Buenos Aires, suffered a great flood.

A flood of the lake completely submerged the city, forcing its total evacuation.

In recent years, the water began to recede, exposing the ruins of the city, which have themselves become a tourist attraction.


Reborn to beauty


Currently the water level has almost completely receded.

The layout of the streets, the embankment and the ruins of the houses, hotels and emblematic buildings are still visible.

One of them is the famous Slaughterhouse, the work of Arq. Francisco Salamone, from 1937, following the lines of Art Deco that characterize his work.

Dead trees, dilapidated buildings, rusted vehicles abound, and the town remains uninhabited and in ruins.

The ruins are frequently visited by photographers, tourists from different parts of the world, journalists, and extreme sports enthusiasts.

The place is inhabited only by Pablo Novak, a man born in 1930 who refuses to leave his town and travels it regularly accompanied by his dog.

The series «Renacer en Epecuén» was the protagonist of my first solo exhibition, held at the Casa de la Culture of Buenos Aires, participating in the Night of the Museums 2018.


Casa de la Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, participante de La Noche de los Museos 2018
Av. de Mayo 571, Buenos Aires, Argentina

From November 7 to 10, 2019