Opening on World Whisky Day 2022, this exhibition features paintings by me dedicated to the world of whiskey and digital artwork by Guest Artist John Robertson (Scotland).

The exhibition was held at the Buenos Aires Whisky Museum, an English-style mansion in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood, where the first and only Argentine Keeper of the Quaich, Miguel Ángel Reigosa, keeps his personal collection of more than 4,000 bottles of whisky, the largest private collection in the world today.

World Whisky Day was created in 2012 by Blair Bowman, as a global celebration that invites everyone to enjoy the "water of life" and this year, from Buenos Aires city, the celebration was framed with works of art that also celebrate this spirit drink, its makers and production processes, from the creative vision of two artists with personal and distinctive imprints, like each of the whiskeys they honor.


Whisky Museum of Buenos Aires
3982 Monroe Av. , Buenos Aires, Argentina

From May 21 to 28, 2022

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