Since 2018 I have made a wide production of paintings related to Villa Epecuén and its unique landscapes.

Epecuén is a town in the Province of Buenos Aires, which from its ruins displays a unique and overwhelming beauty.

It is recognized for its sunsets that illuminate the lagoon with a unique poetry, detached from the fragments of its history.

In 1985, Villa Epecuén, located in the Adolfo Alsina district in the Province of Buenos Aires, suffered a great flood.

A flood of the lake completely submerged the city, forcing its total evacuation.

In recent years, the water began to recede, exposing the ruins of the city, which have themselves become a tourist attraction.


Reborn to beauty


Currently the water level has almost completely receded.

The layout of the streets, the embankment and the ruins of the houses, hotels and emblematic buildings are still visible.

One of them is the famous Slaughterhouse, the work of Arq. Francisco Salamone, from 1937, following the lines of Art Deco that characterize his work.

Dead trees, dilapidated buildings, rusted vehicles abound, and the town remains uninhabited and in ruins.

The ruins are frequently visited by photographers, tourists from different parts of the world, journalists, and extreme sports enthusiasts.

The place is inhabited only by Pablo Novak, a man born in 1930 who refuses to leave his town and travels it regularly accompanied by his dog.

The series «Renacer en Epecuén» was the protagonist of my first solo exhibition, held at the Casa de la Culture of Buenos Aires, participating in the Night of the Museums 2018.


Casa de la Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, participante de La Noche de los Museos 2018
Av. de Mayo 571, Buenos Aires, Argentina

From November 7 to 10, 2019

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