Large Format Artworks


(2003 – 2008)

Having started my path as an artist training in the Stage Workshops of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires gave me the opportunity to take my first steps in the universe of large format works.

I found myself with beautiful challenges, not only because of the large proportions of the fabrics, but also because of the use of a medium that dries quickly, such as latex, and that requires great speed of work, something that identifies me and amuses me a lot ...

This size, greater than 100 x 100 cm, affects the composition of the work since the elements of the image interact differently depending on the format and influence all its components, but especially inspiration.

Size, in some way, characterizes the image.

The works in this gallery are original, except for a few copies of masterpieces that I made as a tribute to great masters of art (Sandro Botticelli, Rafael Sanzio, WIlliam-Adolphe Bouguereau, Auguste Rodin).

Many of them were part of group exhibitions in the field of scenography and were even scenographic funds of ballet performances.