In the context of the global pandemic by COVID -19 and preventive social isolation, the only way to continue enjoying art exhibitions turned out to be virtuality.

Initiative, curatorship and production of the Argentine plastic artist Darío Zilberstein, in collaboration with Paula Orlando, the «About love and other pandemics» call brought together 57 artists who share our art in a virtual space, showing our productions most recent produced in quarantine.

This exhibition was born from our need to share our expressions through our works, resignifying a virtual space of art that gives the exhibition a framework of belonging through montage.

The exhibition is set in a digital reconstruction of a new space, where I share the virtual space with excellent artists, artists that I value and admire for their artistic quality and for their warmth as people.

My work «The Hug» (5:33 ′) is a representation of the intimate connection between two beings, two souls, two identities that are shared in a conjunction of feelings.

An artistic expression that describes the sensitivity of a moment of peace, the one we long for, the one that purifies the spirit and rests, for a small fraction of time, that lasts forever in the memory.


Virtual Group Exhibition of Visual Arts
Opening Saturday 19/12 / 2020 at 7:00 p.m. on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram


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