In the context of the global pandemic by COVID -19 and preventive social isolation, the only way to continue enjoying art exhibitions turned out to be virtuality. 

Initiative, curator and production of the Argentine plastic artist Darío Zilberstein, the call "From Inside" brought together 47 artists who share our art in a virtual space, showing our most recent productions produced in quarantine.

This exhibition was born from our need to share our expressions through our works, resignifying an art space that was and continues to be our own: Arteme. The exhibition is set in a digital reconstruction of the space where I participated in many art exhibitions with artists that I respect and value, for their artistic quality and for their warmth as people. 

Turning towards oneself, knowing and studying oneself, taking care of oneself and being friends with oneself, linking the gnothi seauton with the epimeleia heautou, turning the gaze towards a new way of seeing the world and showing oneself to the world. "From inside"…



Virtual Collective Exhibition of Visual Arts
Opening Saturday 8/29 / 2020 at 7:00 p.m. on Facebook and Instagram


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