Within the IX and X Hall of Scenographic Realization Techniques, two collective exhibitions were held where paintings, sculptures and models were exhibited, made within the framework of the course dictated by the Colón Theater, opening the doors to the community so you can enjoy the works, mostly on a large scale, both originals and reproductions.

On this occasion, five of my 2 x 3 meter paintings were exhibited:

«Cathedrals I» (On original work in homage to Auguste Rodin)

«Cathedrals II» (On original work, homage to Albrecht Dürer)

«Images of Carcassonne» (original work)

«The Rape of Psyche» (Large-scale reproduction of the original by William Bouguereau)

«The liberation of Saint Peter» (Large-scale reproduction of the original by Rafael Sanzio).

In addition, "Man" and "Woman in Red" , works measuring 1 x 1.50 meters, and a Bas-relief , a copy of a detail of the Egyptian tomb of Nefertari, made with scenographic techniques.


Centro Cultural Carlos Gardel
Olleros 3640, Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 6 and December 20, 2007

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